Milwaukee Granite Countertop Leader

Keystone Marble & Granite has been a leader in the Milwaukee area for over 17 years. Our admiration for stone became a passion for bringing only the finest natural, engineered, and recycled stone into our customers’ homes. We can enhance your Milwaukee home by providing timeless granite, marble, quartzite, quartz, onyx, and soapstone countertops for all of your design needs. Our flawless installation of perfectly polished granite countertops will add a refined touch to any home project you are envisioning. From bathrooms to kitchens, our countertops offer an elegant touch that stands the test of time and turns your design dreams into a reality. Granite countertops are an exquisite gift from nature and can be a stunning improvement to your Milwaukee home.

Natural Stone is our Passion.

We bring the world’s finest timeless treasures to you. We’re on an eternal quest to discover new stone and transform it into a design element that creates harmony in any environment. Stone’s history, longevity and beauty make our finished work endlessly rewarding. We take profound responsibility in assuring the labor, transportation and installation of this incredible natural resource is accomplished with genuine care and integrity. We take great pride in our “fail-safe” measuring and installation. Our use of digitized measurement and CNC machining ensures perfect consistency, precision and an accurately finished project every time.

Wisconsin’s Largest Stone Showroom

Since our inception in 1998, we set out to offer a superior way to shop for stone. We take Mother Nature’s gifts and polish them to perfection. Our spectacular and recently reinvented showroom features gorgeous slabs of natural stone, displayed in truetone natural light. You can see the luminous textures, feel the glacial finishes and imagine the transformation they will make in your home. Our stunning showroom can transport you on an extraordinary visual journey that ignites the imagination. Make an appointment today for your own personal stone sojourn.